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Bring On Balance Introduction

podcast Dec 22, 2018
Bring on Balance Introduction

Well, here it is...after months of talking about it 

After the fear of making it messy simmered down

It was an intro from another expert...something I had never heard before that hit me with the right note.

This show has been on my goal list for last February.

I recorded this episode ...I think it was the 1st of September??? Somewhere around there anyway... 

At the time I was injured..training for the NYC Marathon and I could barely cover 4km of ground.

The city I live in was smokey a lot of August, and my dog...well my faithful run/walk companion of 11 years was gone, and I was still deeply mourning.

During the learning process, I found myself wanting to make this show better.. like I spent hours selecting music..etc..

When I returned home from New York.. I set 2 goals 

One was to hit 1000 km running in 2018...I just did that this morning :) 

The second goal I had was to launch this podcast in 2018...with 3 episodes. I  did that today.

It might be messy, it might not be perfect, but what is not practiced will never be polished... or something like that!! 

Thank you sooo much for believing in me, spending time with me, and WOW... This is going to be a GREAT 2019 Thanks for listening :) 

Episode 2


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