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131 Method Review Documentary Ignite

nutrition Jan 04, 2018

 131 Method Review NEW UPDATED FAQ>>> A year has gone by, and more curiosity has been stirred up, so here is my updated info video :) 


If I could create my perfect diet what would it look like?

The first thing I would do is throw away the scale. In my diet, there are no numbers that define my success.

I would get to eat all the things I love and never be told I ‘can’t” have something.

My perfect diet follows a food first approach. I love real food.
I wouldn’t have to follow rules or plan that dictate time and measurements of food. I would get to decide.

My perfect diet shows success through energy to do the things I love and pursue the physical goals for myself.

My perfect diet has me feeling lean, strong, in control, keeps my clothes from tightening at the middle and delivers a youthful reflection in the mirror.

My perfect diet is in the making, but I am already feeling and seeing results come to fruition by following the 131 method.

Before the 131 I was still  in the diet wars (although in denial of that) and in the beta testing phase I was set free. It was super tough in the beginning transitioning from a sugar burner to what I like to call a flexy burner. The lemon salt water REALLY helped me in the beginning days and MCT oil in my coffee too!

I finally feel free from hormonal imbalance hunger. It doesn’t control me. I eat what I love and I feel like 131 has brought me a planet of people just like me <3

 The 131 method has given me validation in a food first approach, and all the science to help me understand my body’s unique genetic make up. How to really truly fall in love with every piece of me. How to recognize physical and mental gains and thirst for more in my study of one. It’s given me freedom, and I get super excited to geek out about it with anyone who’ll listen. :)

 Knowledge is power, and the more knowledge we have about our bodies...what goes in, and what should stay out...well what a powerful impact we can make on everything else we touch.

 I  chose a protocol of 7 days of combined nutritional ketosis, and fasting ketosis. This allows my gut the time in needs to heal, and better absorb nutrients in my food. This protocol will also allow me to eat every day but in a shorter window. I still had to be at my high paced retail job, and had fitness classes to teach.

 This protocol allowed me to feel confident in my energy and properly fueled for activities.

 Results are in and I feel amazing and empowered!


The next photo is April on the left and now on the right.


What I didn’t expect but am happy to receive :)

 I used to suffer monthly with pain during girly time, and some months have 3 periods. The doctor had told me I needed to take hormones to fix it. I refused, and continued on the “suck it up you are a woman” path.

For the last 2 months I have been pain free with only 1 period AHHHHMAZING!!!

 I feel like when I look in the mirror, my skin is brighter, and more youthful (It’s always been good, but it’s getting younger)

Documentation included in this video while prepping for ignite :

Looking at some new recipes I want to try

Going through the Anti- Inflammatory guide .

Some of my local favorites. Experimenting. Emotional prep for fasting, emotional ups, and downs, vunerability, and a lil humour :)  My protocol, my protocol adjustment , and result photos.

Watch Video Below 

​What’s not documented in the video

The foods I KNOW for sure I have intolerance to from testing.

The list includes quinoa, pork, cayenne, dairy, and red bell peppers...for now :)

 I don’t have a gallbladder, and my energy levels pumped back up again when I bumped my fat down to %65, and split the difference between carbs & protein. Most of my fat came from plants and egg yolks and I never once struggled with indigestion from a fat overload. (That came on Christmas )

  My emotional reason for doing this program …

I’m a 44 year old Canadian endomorph with no gallbladder. I’ve always weighed heavy. My mom had gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with me. I was obese for over half of my life, so I definitely have those predetermined fat cells.

As a fitness instructor I sometimes feel as though people look at me like…”Um...why does your body look like you don’t exercise….you must eat too much”

 I know, I know, that’s purely a confidence thing dredged up from the bullying of my youth, but I have to still put those thoughts in their place from time to time.

 When I did finally come to terms with change, I did it in a relaxed “food first approach” and had great results.

 My physical goals with 131

Continue along the path of creating and maintaining a healthy metabolism, body, and mind.

My motivation is that I am running the NYC Marathon on Nov 4/2018 . In order to do the training, I will need discipline, but more so the knowledge of hormonal balance in my body. I’ll need all my nutrition and with a healthy gut it will be absorbed.

 5 years ago I ran a marathon in Dublin Ireland. I was secretly dieting. I thought if I ran my butt off, I would lose weight, however it backfired. I ended up gaining 20lbs in the training, and I was unhappy with my time. Instead of celebrating my victory I began bashing myself. I ran 1 more race after that, and hung my long distance shoes up until now.

 I still remained active and upon the release of PiYo, I got my body back in what I now know hormonal control, but I didn’t know at the time why or how I won the diet wars.

 My 131 method approach to running and what I have learned.

Oh my gosh!! My body has truly become metabolically flexible. I will definitely need this moving forward. I feel so incredibly empowered!

 The timing to take another round through ignite was perfect, because my training was light. I’ve learned so much about training and eating just by dialing into ME instead of looking to someone else to build a plan for me.

 As a result, I know how to crosstrain in my marathon training. I know that I’m asking a lot from my body, so reducing other exercise stress (like heavy lifting) is not in my protocol. However, mobility, flexibility, and body strength is. No impact cross training.

 I learned in ignite, that if I bumped up my carbs a bit and ate them end of day, I would have just enough glycogen to crush my run in the am, and shift back to fat burning the rest of the day.

As I type this, I am in phase 2 (nourish) and eating less animals and more plants, and I FEEL amazing!!

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