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131 Method Documentary Nourish Review

nutrition Jan 26, 2018

Why am I doing this?

I’m doing this to aid autophagy (cellular rejuvenation).

To nourish my body and clean my gut.

To finally be free from dieting and master my own diet with support from an amazing team of experts.

AND I’m getting serious RESULTS

Some things are visible. My hair has been growing fast, my skin is firming, tightening and brightening, my puffiness  (extra water weight) has disappeared just to name a few….

What you can’t see is LIBERATING!!! 

My body is not suffering muscular pain or lingering injuries.

My focus, clarity, and energy up.

Probably the BIGGEST thing is my monthly girly time. I have been in peri menopause for about 5 years. (It’s a whole other topic on the lengths I’ve gone through to regulate my girly time) The doctors have told me that my only relief MAY be low dose birth control or progesterone. I refused because I just don’t want to take anything, and sucked it up with a smile….the joys of being a woman…doesn’t everyone go through this?

 My experience for the last couple years has been spending a small fortune in feminine hygiene products, having gut wrenching stabbing pain several times a month and maybe enjoying a week “spot free”

Since I was a beta tester of the 131 method, this is my second time through phase 1& 2 and I believe that has played a part in my results. Big changes don't happen overnight.


The last 2 months with 131 method I have had no “extra girly time” or pain. My cycle has normalized. I can’t explain it, I am just grateful, and I’m pretty sure the 131 method has something to do with it.


Nourish points 

The last few weeks have been much easier on me than the ignite phase because the focus is just eating more plants. I like plants, so that’s not a problem.

 Also knowing my carb consumption would bump up a bit I felt quite liberated, and relaxed on the macro monitoring. 

On being prepared

Going into this phase, I wasn’t as good at planning or prepping my meals. What saved me was to have all ingredients on hand, so I could follow my plan without necessarily following recipes. I have a few favourites that I made multiple times. 

My plan in this phase was to eat less animals. I fell in love even harder with various fat bomb recipes , hemp seeds, nutritional yeast, coconut milk, chia seeds, pumpkin puree, and yes of course….tempeh.

 In paying particular attention to where my animals came from, I decided to try some local free range duck eggs. REALLY good. I thought at first I couldn’t ethically do it… I mean after all I did pour out my sorrows to a duck family the same week I quit smoking. They seem more like a pet than a food. It didn’t really matter when I was hungry :)

 On chewing food. 

Part of the purpose behind this is to heal the gut lining, and to get better absorption of nutrients. I’m notorious for eating too fast, so chewing slower was not an option in some cases. Super grateful for my blender and my starfruit chopper. No big deal that it looks like baby food if it tastes good. 

 Intermittent fasting in this phase has been pretty easy. I had a couple days where I wasn’t feeling energetic, but I think it was a late night/early morning combo that knocked me off my game.  

My fasting protocol… 

I’ve chosen 3 days of OMAD . ( One meal a day modified)

Still I have no desire to do a full 3 day at this time…and it’s my choice, my protocol.

On training for the marathon

You may wonder, if you are a runner, how to intermittent fast and still have endurance to run in the am.

What I found was the day before my training run I would have a serving of something complex carb & fibre rich the night before at dinner. For example half a cup of lentils or a small sweet potato. 

This time in my training I am not running hard , and I’m not running longer than 40 minutes, so it’s just enough of a glycogen store to support my training and feel amazing.

It’s all about testing what works for you .

......To be continued....


see part 1 here

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